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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

M1 Ltd (B2F)

Telco has been deemed as a defensive sector. However, there are challenges ahead that has to be addressed before labelling it as a 'safe' investment.

Today I will look at M1 Ltd in the context of the Telco industry, as one of my friends mentioned that it is trading at a low now.

52 wk range2.19 - 3.55
Payout Ratio80.53%
Earnings Yield7.98%

Expected Dividend Yield: 6.43%


  • ROC has been stable at around 20%, a good sign.
  • Revenue has reported an increasing trend
  • But Operating CF has been falling
  • D/E increasing, hovering high at 80%
  • Payout Ratio around 100%, dividends may be unsustainable.

The dividend yield is at 6.43% and (an irrational me want to buy). The dividend of 15.3 cents used in the calculation is a conservative estimate, and may be achievable. 

Yet, the Cashflows are bad.
We can see that FCF per share is 11.3 cents while the cash distribution is 15.3 cents. 
A conservative outlook will be a FCF per share of 11 cents, and an adjusted sustainable dividend of 11 cents.

Adjusted div yield = 11/238 = 4.6 percent

Target Price: 11/5 percent = $2.20

Looks like I wont be buying M1. 

However, an interesting note is that 52% of the brokers have a 'Buy' rating. They include
  • Deutsche: $3.90
  • RHB: $3.20
  • Maybank KE: $3.09
Only CIMB ($2.40) and Credit Suisse ($2.05) dont argue for a 'Buy'.