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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Watchlist Trigger/ Dividends Update

Short update on SGXcafe.

Been using for almost a week and Evan is a really nice person. He's the one making all this possible. 

SGXcafe has a 'Feedback' tool which users can send in any complaints or suggestions
Even though he is just a one-man-show, he resolved my queries in less than a week! One of my problems was Genting P9GZ coupons was not reflected under 'dividends'. 

It is resolved now.

I hope anyone of you reading can spread the message about SGXcafe. 
Its totally free, and just try it out. There's great data analytics tools, both predictive and historical trends.

You can even share your portfolio
You have the option to set the sharing preferences to allow only % to be shown so no one knows your portfolio value (so they dont know how rich you are).

Another thing I recently find useful is the 'Watchlist' Trigger Function.

Haven't tried how this works, i think it will be triggered only at 6pm each day so its not a real-time tool. Will update about this.