My Portfolio

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Portfolio

Here's my Portfolio - as of May 2016
I recall learning that Pies are best left for eating, and so my portfolio is illustrated in Bars. You can form your own opinion after reading this article from Business Insider.

Here's the detailed version. Note that this is based on historical data, while the Bar Chart above is based on 'Marked to Market' (MTM).
Realised stocks are 'sunk' and are not reflected here.

My Asset Allocation
I am currently heavily invested in Corporate Bonds & Reits. This may not be a good indication.

I aim to gear my portfolio towards 30% Bonds, 30% Etf, 30% Reits, 10% stocks.
The first 2 will be held passively, while an active strategy will be adopted for the stocks.
For Reits, a long-term approach will be taken but periodic (maybe annual) reviews are essential.