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Saturday, May 21, 2016

An easy way to track your Portfolio

I have stumbled onto this gem - SGXcafe, which helps you track, review and analyse your transactions and portfolio.

All you have to do is to Input all your transactions ("buy" and "sell") into the webpage. Dividends will be automatically updated. 

*Note: You can input the transactions one by one, but i recommend using the CSV function that is available in the webpage. Simply export your data into a new Excel worksheet, sort the data according to the SGXcafe's guidelines and "save as" a CSV file.

The Output (Some Best Features)
  1. Portfolio Value (at previous day close; updated at 6pm)
  2. Profit/loss figures (based on Portfolio Value - Cost)
  3. Day change in Portfolio Value
  4. Individual stock average purchase price
  5. Upcoming/ Collected Dividends information
Extra Features
  1. Dividend Strength (metric developed to quantify dividend stability)
  2. Sharing of Portfolio
  3. Watchlist, news
You can take a look at my Current Portfolio.

Previously, I have tracked my portfolio using Excel and VBA to get live stock quotes from Yahoo Finance. However, this is a tedious and awkward way to track and share your own portfolio.